Purpose of a Home Inspection


Purpose of a Home Inspection

A home inspection's real purpose is not to nitpick minor repairs, but to find issues that really matter.  These issues normally fall into three categories:

>Major Defects - An example of this would a structural failure
>Items that Lead to Major Defects - An example would be a roof-flashing leak.
>Safety Hazards - An example would be exposed, live electrical wiring.

I know it can seem like a Catch 22 scenario because the inspection is conducted within 5 days "after" the purchase contract has been accepted.  However, the entire offer is contingent on a satisfactory home inspection.

What is a satisfactory home inspection?

An inspection that all the tests the inspector conducted come back positive and to your satisfaction.  A home inspector is a generalist so they will defer you to the experts in areas of plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc. should there be any problems.  This is also a point in the process that we negotiate having the seller make the necessary repairs if you decided that you still want the house.

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